Follow process

Choose a trader

Trader profile

Coinpanion provides extensive information about its traders. Each trader holds a profile consisting of personal information and performance indications directly gathered from the exchanges. There is no way to manipulate results as all the data is received directly by the exchanges.

Step 1: Provide your API keys

Provide your API keys

In order to replicate the trader's actions, it is necessary to connect your exchange to Coinpanion. This is achieved through the exchange's API keys. API keys are checked automatically to ensure their correctness.

Follow this link to find out how you can create an API key:

Step 2: Set follow amount

Step 2

Choose which currency and amount you want to use to replicate the chosen trader. It does not matter which currency you choose since Coinpanion will reallocate them accordingly.

Step 3: Pay your subscription

Step 3

You can pay the subscription fee either via PayPal or cryptocurrency payments. As of right now subscriptions with a follow amount less than 500 US Dollar are free!

Follow this link to find more about our pricing:

Wait for distribution trades

Distribution trades

When the setup is completed, it will take some minutes to process the subscription and distribute your follow amount according to the trader's portfolio allocation.

Follow this link to find more about the initial distribution:

Track your performance


Once the initial distribution is completed, the dashboard will show up. Use it to keep track of your trader's actions and your performance.

Follow this link to find more about the different calculations on your dashboard: